Adults and Professionals

Join us at Harvard Summer School

  • Learn for enrichment

    Choose from many courses to satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

  • Enhance your résumé

    Gain specialized knowledge for your career.

  • Prepare for an advanced degree

    Take Harvard courses to strengthen your application to graduate school.

More than 300 courses in 60 subjects

At Harvard Summer School, you can take open-enrollment courses taught by Harvard faculty and visiting scholars. Undergraduate, graduate, and noncredit options are available. You can live on campus or commute from your own residence.

Most on-campus and online courses meet over the course of an intensive seven-week session. We will offer several three-week courses for students who want to build skills or knowledge in a condensed timeframe. These two intensive learning sessions are offered only on campus.

On-campus courses are held in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. On-campus housing is available, and there are also options for living off campus and commuting that you can explore.

Popular courses include:

  • Principles of Finance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dynamic Web Applications
  • Managing Yourself and Leading Others
  • Critical Analysis of Environmental Systems

Complete information about course offerings will be posted online in mid-January.

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Management seminars

Don’t have time for a three- or seven-week course? Gain new business skills in noncredit two-day programs offered by the Division of Continuing Education.