Moving In and Out of Housing

When you move in and out of housing depends on the session in which you are registered. See the following chart to find the move-in and move-out dates that apply to you:

Session Move-in dates Move-out dates
Seven-week session Saturday, June 20, 9 am–6 pm
Sunday, June 21, noon–4 pm
Saturday, August 8,
by noon
Three-week session I Saturday, June 20, 9 am–6 pm
Sunday, June 21, noon–4 pm
Friday, July 10,
by noon
Three-week session II Sunday, July 12, noon–4pm Friday, July 31,
by noon

Tips for moving in

If you arrive in Cambridge before the move-in time for your session (as noted above), see the Cambridge Office of Tourism website for hotel listings.

If you are registered for the seven-week session or three-week session I, you are encouraged to arrive before 3 pm on June 20.

Tips for moving out

You should move out of your residence after you have taken your final exams. If you are registered for three-week session I and II, you do not move out between your sessions and should refer to the move-out schedule for three-week session II.

Residences must be vacated no later than noon on the move-out date listed above for your session. Student ID cards and access to the residences will expire at these times.

There are no exceptions to the times listed above, so plan your travel arrangements accordingly.