Housing Request and Deadlines

To be eligible for on-campus housing as a Harvard Summer School student:

  • Submit your housing request in online services.
  • Register for eligible courses:
    • Secondary School Program students must be enrolled in 8 credits. 
    • Students enrolled only in GMAT S-1 or MGMT S-10 are not eligible for housing. 
  • Submit full payment of tuition, room and board, and all other fees. See Tuition, Fees, and Payment.

Meet all requirements early, but no later than Monday, May 15. You may check the status of your housing request in online services.

On-campus housing is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis to students who submit a request and meet all requirements. If you do not meet all requirements by May 15 (or earlier if all spaces are filled with eligible students before this date), you will not be eligible for housing and your request will be canceled by the Summer School. The Summer School cannot predict when housing will fill.

Switching housing sessions

For college and adult students, on-campus housing is available for each three-week session and the seven-week session. You may request on-campus housing for the session(s) in which you are registering for a course. Please note, if you register for a course in both three-week sessions, you must request housing for both sessions.

If you have already requested housing and you add or drop a course that results in you attending a different session, the status of your housing request and your room assignment (if housing has already been assigned) will change, and your room and board charges may be affected. Please note, this applies if you switch between three-week sessions or switch between a three-week session and the seven-week session, or vice versa.

If you have questions about the impact that adding or dropping a course will have on your housing request, please contact our office prior to making course registration changes for assistance. You may check the status of your housing request and your balance information in online services.

Students with disabilities

To be considered for a specific housing accommodation, submit both a request for accommodation form and documentation of your disability to the Accessibility Services Office as early as possible, but no later than May 15. See Accessibility and Student Services.

Single room requests

There are a limited number of single rooms available during the summer. As such, single room requests will only be considered when accompanied by a Request for Accommodation Form and appropriate medical documentation indicating that such an assignment is necessary to allow you to fully participate in the summer school program. Decisions regarding single room accommodations are made by the Manager of Accessibility Services and may require additional information. In general, the hope is for students to experience a residential college setting while here, which means having a roommate and participating in residential activities. The Accessibility Services Office will work with you to determine appropriate accommodations in the curricular, co-curricular, and residential spaces. For additional information regarding accommodations, please see Accessibility and Student Services.

Housing assignments

Housing will be assigned to eligible students who submit full payment of tuition, housing, and all other fees by the housing request deadline of May 15, or before that date if all the spaces are filled earlier. In the unlikely event that we fill housing overnight, priority will be given to those students who met all eligibility requirements earliest. Should this occur and we determine we must cancel your housing request, you will be notified via email within two business days and will receive a full refund of room and board charges.

Please note building, room, and roommate requests cannot be honored.  See Your Room to learn more about room assignments and roommates.

Immunization requirement

If you live on campus, you must comply with Massachusetts and Harvard University immunization requirements.

Housing cancellation and refunds

You may cancel your housing request (via online services) through Wednesday, June 21. After this date you must submit a signed course registration changes and Summer School housing cancellation form to the Housing Office. E-mail and telephone requests are not accepted. No other method of notification, including failure to move in or verbal notification, is accepted. If you drop or withdraw from all Summer School courses, you are no longer eligible for housing (see course changes and withdrawals).

Secondary School Program students: if you wish to cancel housing but remain enrolled in courses, you must submit a written cancellation request to the SSP Office for approval.

Refund deadlines

Room and board charges are refunded in full if you cancel your housing request by May 15. If you cancel housing after May 15, the amount of your refund depends on the session for which you requested housing and the date your cancellation is submitted online or received at the Summer School offices at 51 Brattle Street.

Refer to the applicable schedule below to determine your refund information.

Seven-week session refund information
Amount of refund Refund deadline
Full room and board refund Monday, May 15
Room and board refund less $1,204 cancellation fee Wednesday, June 21
Prorated board refund only after Wednesday, June 21
Three-week session I refund information*
Amount of refund Refund deadline
Full room and board refund Monday, May 15
Room and board refund less $602 cancellation fee Wednesday, June 21
Prorated board refund only after Wednesday, June 21
Three-week session II refund information*
Amount of refund Refund deadline
Full room and board refund Monday, May 15
Room and board refund less $602 cancellation fee Wednesday, July 12
Prorated board refund only after Wednesday, July 12

*Students who request housing for both three-week sessions have the same cancellation fee amount and refund deadlines as students who request housing for the seven-week session.

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