ANTH S-1625 Animal Studies: An Introduction

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7-week session | CRN 33537

This course traces the history and shape of academic efforts to study non-human animals. Animal studies scholars explore such questions as, how do contemporary Western societies characterize the differences between humans and non-human animals? What ethical debates surround the use of animals in scientific research or the use of animals for food? How different are other cultures' views of non-human animals from the views that now prevail in the United States and other early twenty-first century industrialized societies? Class sessions are discussion based and students undertake group work, significant writing, and an individual presentation.

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Online (live) web conference
Mondays, Wednesdays, 3:15-6:15 pm

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Monday, June 19


4 credits

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    This course is taught via live web conference using Zoom. Harvard College students see additional information.




    Paul F. Waldau, DPhil.

    Professor and Director of Anthrozoology, Canisius College

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