Course Formats

Courses at Harvard Summer School are offered in a variety of formats, including on-campus, online video, web-conference, and hybrid, so you can study from anywhere in the world.

Course descriptions list the specific class formats, days, times, and credit status. Some courses have separate, smaller section meetings or labs, and the days and times of those are also listed in the descriptions. Our 2015 course listings will be posted in mid-January. Sign up to be notified.

On-campus courses

Most courses are held in and around historic Harvard Yard, in the heart of the Harvard University campus.

Depending on the session, the course, and the number of credits offered, classes meet two to five days per week during the morning, afternoon, or evening hours.

Seven-week session: four-credit courses typically meet twice per week for three hours a day; eight-credit courses typically meet five days per week for two to five hours a day.

Three-week session: four-credit courses typically meet four days per week for three hours a day on campus.

Online-option courses

Some Harvard Summer School courses are offered both online and on campus. These courses have an online option, which means you can attend in person, watch online, or both.

Online-only courses

These courses feature videotaped lectures that are posted each week. There is no scheduled class time, so you can watch the videos at any time during the week. Many of the courses have weekly section meetings on campus, which you may attend in person, or watch via live-streaming or recorded videoWatch a sample online class.

Live web-conference courses

These courses meet in a virtual classroom via web-conferencing software, such as Adobe Connect or Blackboard Collaborate. Twice a week, you connect to the virtual classroom and interact with faculty and fellow students at a scheduled time.

Hybrid courses

Our hybrid courses combine online and on-campus study. You take the majority of the course online via video or web conference, and you attend an intensive short session on campus. Information about the online format and dates of the on-campus session are outlined in course descriptions.

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