ISMT S-170 Human Factors in Information Systems Design

3-week session I | CRN 32596

While many organizations have outsourced the design of production systems, there is still a need to provide quality specifications for those systems. In addition, the recent Internet and e-commerce explosion has created an even wider need to design corporate websites and apps. Organizational practices must exist to make sure designers and developers take into account what we know about human factors engineering. This course focuses on how to gather requirements, achieve a usable first draft, and test and improve that draft. A half-dozen course projects include usability critiques, assessments of users' difficulties in understanding systems, and designs of forms, screen layouts, and icons. A running major project in four parts provides a usability critique of a website or app, followed by empirical tests of usability, followed by suggestions for improvement, and finally, empirical tests of prototype screens (using a wireframe tool) that would implement improvements. A final presentation is a summary of all four stages that is intended to convince management to provide funds to make the changes.

Course information
Class meetings

Mondays-Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm
Northwest Science Building B108

Start date

Monday, June 25


4 credits

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  • Limited to 40 students
  • Current enrollment: 14
  • Faculty

    Dennis F. Galletta, PhD.

    Professor of Business Administration and Director of the Doctoral Program, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

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