MGMT S-5034 Introduction to Decision and Operations Analysis

This course introduces analytical tools generally used in management decision-making. Topics include decision theory, time series forecasting, simulation, linear programming, project scheduling, PERT/CPM, inventory models, and waiting line models. Spreadsheet-based solutions are used to demonstrate model implementation.

Prerequisites: college-level course in quantitative analysis or business statistics and familiarity with commonly used spreadsheet software (MS: Excel).

(4 credits)

Cherian S. Thachenkary, PhD, Associate Professor of Managerial Sciences, Georgia State University.
Class times: Mondays, Wednesdays, 3:15-6:15 pm.
Course tuition: graduate credit $2,850
Not open to Secondary School Program students. Harvard College students see additional information.
Limited enrollment.
Course reference number: 33041

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