APMA S-115 Mathematical Modeling

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7-week session | CRN 33607

Mathematical models are ubiquitous, providing a quantitative framework for understanding, prediction, and decision making in nearly every aspect of life, ranging from the timing of traffic lights, to the control of the spread of disease, resource management, and sports. They also play a fundamental role in all natural sciences and increasingly in the social sciences as well. This course provides an introduction to modeling through in-depth discussions of a series of examples, and hands-on exercises and projects that make use of a range of continuous and discrete mathematical tools.

Course information
Class meetings

Tuesdays, Thursdays, noon-3 pm
Pierce Hall 301

Optional sections to be arranged.

Start date

Tuesday, June 26


4 credits

Course tuition


Enrollment status

  • Registration Closed
  • Prerequisites

    MATH S-21a and MATH S-21b or permission of instructor. Knowledge of some programming language is helpful, but not necessary, as we introduce Matlab to those with no previous experience. Students must have a laptop computer for class with Matlab installed.


    Open to admitted Secondary School Program students by petition.




    Zhiming Kuang, PhD.

    Gordon McKay Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Science, Harvard University