BIOT S-200 Proseminar: Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in Biotechnology

7-week session | CRN 32666

In this proseminar, we focus on science writing, data interpretation, and collaborative and independent experimental design. Students who successfully complete the course are those who demonstrate an ability to assess information from the primary scientific literature, a command of oral and written communication skills, and the ability to generate a logical progression of experiments to help validate or nullify their hypothesis. Reading materials include publications on scientific writing and experimental design.

Course information
Class meetings

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm
Northwest Science Building B109

Start date

Tuesday, June 26


4 credits

Course tuition


Enrollment status

  • Limited to 15 students
  • Current enrollment: 7
  • Prerequisites

    The instructor assumes that students already have undergraduate degrees in an area of life, physical, or computer science, as well as professional scientific training. Scientists coming from a physical or computer science background should successfully complete BIOS S-1a and BIOS S-1b, and BIOS S-12, or their equivalents, before attempting to take BIOT S-200. Students must earn a satisfactory score on the test of critical reading and writing skills or a B or higher grade in the alternate expository writing course.


    Not open to Secondary School Program students. Harvard College students see additional information.



    Elizabeth Wiltrout, PhD.

    Graduate Program Manager, Tufts Medical Center

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