Tips for Choosing Courses

Harvard Summer School offers more than 300 courses in nearly 60 fields. There is something for everyone. The following tips can help you determine which courses are best for you.

Read the course descriptions

When reading about a course, note any prerequisites or required placement tests. Prerequisites are listed to help you determine if you have the appropriate background and preparation. Keep in mind that English proficiency is required for all courses except Institute for English Language Programs (IEL) courses. Browse courses now >

Review syllabi

Faculty create syllabi and course websites throughout the spring and we add links to syllabi and websites in course descriptions once they become available. If you do not see a link to a syllabus or course website, check the description again at a later date. Note that some courses do not provide syllabi online.

Preview the books

You can find the books for the course by visiting the Harvard Coop. If the course has a syllabus or website, you can find the books through another seller.

E-mail the instructor

If you have questions about course content, level, or prerequisites, e-mail the instructor. E-mail addresses can be found on syllabi or course websites. Some addresses are also listed in the Harvard directory.

High school students: apply to the Secondary School Program

Look for notes in course descriptions that state whether a course is open to high school students. Some courses are closed to high school students or open by petition only. To take courses, first apply to the Secondary School Program

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