Pre-College Program Accepted Students

Accepted into the Pre-College Program? This page will help you stay on top of important deadlines and procedures for participating in the Pre-College Program. Check back frequently for updates and reminders.

Important dates

Last day to request a course change by 5 pm
  • Session I: Friday, June 16
  • Session II: Friday, June 30
  • Session III: Friday, July 14

Last day to drop a course for a 50% refund
of program fee by 5 pm

  • Session I: Friday, June 16
  • Session II: Friday, June 30
  • Session III: Friday, July 14


Upon acceptance, be sure to complete the following requirements to reserve your space in the Pre-College Program:

1. Enroll in Pre-College Program

Accept your admission to the program via online services.

You must be accepted to the program and submit tuition payment before registering for a course.

2. Submit payment for the program

Tuition is $4500 per session (plus $100 if you need health insurance). 

You can pay through online services under 'View Balance and Make Account Payments'.*

*Your current balance information will not be reflected in this section, but you can still submit payment.

3. Register for course(s)

Before registering, be sure to read about the courses available during the three different sessions and our tips for choosing the right course.

Online registration is now closed. 

To register manually:

Log in and submit form  

*Please allow three to five business days for your request to be processed. Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis.

4. Make your travel arrangements

Once you are registered in a specific course, you will know the session and course dates and times. This enables you to make your travel plans.

  • Note: Check-in occurs the Sunday afternoon before the first day of class, and check-out is the last Friday of class by 7:30 pm. You must attend all of your classes in their entirety, so your travel plans must be made accordingly.

You live on campus during the session, but you may need to reserve accommodations elsewhere when you travel to and from the program. Please note that in Massachusetts, minors (under the age of 18) may not check into a hotel alone. This may require a parent or guardian to make travel arrangements that align with their student's post-program and travel schedule. 


The Pre-College Program course is an extraordinary opportunity for you to stretch yourself academically and intellectually. 

To select the best course for you, we encourage you to:

  • Consider your interests, goals, and previous experiences. What have you already studied? Is there a subject that you do not have the opportunity to learn about in high school? What might you want to study in college? Keep in mind that all courses will be academically rigorous. 
  • Consider course availability for each session. If the course you are interested is full in one session, check to see if it is offered during another session. If you can’t decide between two courses, you may have the opportunity to take both courses by attending multiple sessions. 
  • Check the prerequisites. Be sure that you meet the requirements to register for the course that interests you.
  • Create a list of several courses that excite you—and register early. Courses are limited to 10 to 18 students and fill up quickly. Be sure to register as soon as possible and have several alternative courses in mind in case your top choice is not available. 


Students may be taken from the waitlist up until two business days prior to the scheduled session start date. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Session I–June 22
  • Session II–July 6 
  • Session III–July 20 

If you are not taken off the waitlist before the session begins, you will not be able to attend the Pre-College Program for that session.

We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity of attending the Pre-College Program, so we highly recommend that you enroll in a course that has open seats and that you think you would enjoy. 


The Pre-College Passport: The Guide for Life Outside the Classroom helps you make the most out of your two weeks on campus. You will have opportunities to engage with faculty, tour college campuses, and explore sights around New England.

You can choose from dozens of co-curricular activities to participate in each week. To that end, your “passport” serves as a record of the events you attend while on campus. Be sure to sign up for activities two weeks before your session start date. 

To ensure that you have a well-rounded experience, you are required to get your passport stamped by attending two events in each of the following categories:

  • Academic exploration: Lectures and discussions with Harvard scholars to give you a taste of the questions that drive various academic disciplines. Previous topics include the impact of your social media presence, the value of negotiation skills, and race, class, and gender diversity.
  • College readiness: Campus tours, info sessions with admissions officers, and workshops are offered to help you develop and practice critical academic skills.
  • Trips and recreation: Outings on and off campus to give you an opportunity to explore all that Cambridge, Boston, and Southern New England have to offer.
  • Residential activities: Events hosted on campus and in residential spaces by proctors to create a sense of belonging for you and other participants in the program. Past events include t-shirt tie-dye, flag football, talent show, recently released films, and arts and crafts.

Additional information 

Be sure to read the following pages to help you prepare for the Pre-College Program: 

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