What better way to experience college than studying during the summer at one of the best universities in the world?

College courses

As a Secondary School Program (SSP) student, you can choose from over 200 courses in more than 60 fields—such as biology, math, creative writing, and drama. Many of the classes are taught by Harvard faculty who teach the same courses to Harvard undergraduates during the academic year.

Once you apply and are admitted, starting March 3 you can register for courses. See Admitted Students.

English language program

International high school students who want to study English can apply to the Secondary School Intensive English Language Program.

Summer seminars

High school juniors and seniors can register for summer seminars—inspired by the renowned freshman seminars at Harvard College. Limited to 15 students, these seminars offer an intense academic experience and are a great introduction to small college classes. Many require original research and involve discussion and other kinds of class participation, such as giving presentations.

Distance education

The Summer School offers several online courses that are particularly well suited for SSP students. Use the SSP course search (available in mid-January) to browse courses offered online this year.

Students receiving an I-20 from Harvard Summer School may not register in courses offered only online.

College credit

The Harvard summer term is seven weeks, and most courses open to SSP students meet for six weeks, with a final exam during the seventh week.

SSP students take college courses for undergraduate credit only, and only for a letter grade. The single exception to this policy is EXPO S-C, a writing course that is offered only on a noncredit basis.

Credits earned are recorded on an official Harvard transcript and are transferable toward a future undergraduate degree at most colleges and universities.

See Course Selection and Academic Advice for how to best pick your courses.