Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to a Harvard Summer School study abroad program. We hope you are looking forward to a summer of focused study and invigorating exploration overseas.

If the status of your enrollment changes, and you need to withdraw from a program, please complete the following steps:

  • Prior to March 23: Contact with a written request to withdraw
  • After March 23: Complete a withdrawal form and return via fax to 617-496-4525.

All the steps and tasks that need to be completed after being accepted into a study abroad program are on this page. Also, helpful resources for your upcoming trip are detailed, including information on staying safe and healthy while abroad.

On this page:

Once admitted, complete these steps as soon as possible

  1. Read, sign, and return to the Summer School Study Abroad Office the conditions of participation and assumption of risk and general release form (this form will be sent by email to admitted students in late February). Failure to return a signed copy of this form will result in your removal from the program.
  2. Read and fill out the health clearance form (this form will be sent by email to admitted students in late February). Return the signed Clearance Form to the Summer School Study Abroad Office. Students not cleared by a clinician(s) will not be approved to participate in, or may be dismissed from or otherwise told to discontinue, their Harvard travel plans. Failure to return a signed copy of this form will result in your removal from the program. The health clearance process requires you to:
    a.) Complete the health history form and part one of the health clearance form. Print a description of your Harvard travel plans (a print out from the program website).

    b.) If you have seen mental or physical health specialists in the last year for treatment of a serious, chronic, or ongoing condition, you must be seen by and receive clearance from these specialists first, before submitting your forms to your primary care clinician or to UHS. Bring this packet and your program description to this appointment. Specialists should indicate clearance on part three of the health clearance form (available soon).

    c.) You may receive clearance from either a clinician at UHS or a primary care clinician with whom you have had an exam within the past 12 months and who has access to your medical records.

  3. Complete any program-specific paperwork as requested by the program director.
  4. Complete a mandatory online orientation.
  5. Attend any program-specific meetings as organized by the program director.
  6. Register your itinerary in the Harvard Travel Registry (you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions in March).

Student responsibilities

All students, including those in study abroad programs, are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules of the Harvard Summer School. You should also be familiar with Harvard Summer School’s general study abroad policies.

In May, students will receive a link to the electronic version of the Harvard Summer School Student Handbook. Please read this document carefully. While the resources and activities will vary at each locale, the rules and policies described in the sections “Academic Policies” and “Student Conduct” apply to all participants in a Summer School program.


Students requiring accommodations must register with the Summer School disabilities coordinator. Harvard College students please note that accommodations do not automatically transfer from Harvard College. See Students with Disabilities for more information.

Deposit and payment

For those admitted to a study abroad program, a nonrefundable deposit must be received to secure a place in the program. Harvard College students receiving funding from OCS can count that award towards the deposit due. Awards will be transferred to the Summer School Student Financial Services Office and be reflected in your student account.

Deposit deadline is March 13.

Payment in full is due in May 18. A late fee will be charged for payments received after this date.

Please see Funding and Payment for details.

International health and safety

24/7 emergency numbers for students

  • Harvard Travel Assistance: +1-617-998-0000 (for medical, security, and travel advice or assistance)
  • Membership #: 3041 0751 1283
  • Harvard College Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response: +1-617-495-9100,

There is a review guide students should take on their trip.

Traveling abroad can be deeply rewarding for Harvard students, faculty and staff. It also requires careful planning, even for seasoned travelers. Each destination requires a different strategy and for responding to situations, from small inconveniences to serious emergencies.

Each traveler is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety. Please follow the steps below before traveling abroad:

  1. Review your health insurance coverage.
    Make sure your health insurance covers you in your destination country or countries. All Summer School students are required to have health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to purchase the Summer School’s insurance (valid for the duration of the program) as part of your registration.
  2. Register your trip.
    In March, your upcoming international travel will be entered in the Harvard Travel Registry by the Summer School study abroad office. After you receive confirmation of this via e-mail from the Summer School study abroad office, please do the following (This step is required for students; failure to register your trip may result in delays regarding your registration and participation):

    • Visit and login with your Harvard ID and PIN to  
      review this information and make any necessary changes.
    • Once logged in, click on “Edit Trip,” and select the trip record you would like to edit from the list. Review or update your lodging, air/ground transportation, or emergency contacts, then navigate to the “Review & Submit” page and click “Save.”

    You are required to update your record throughout your trip (for example, add a local cell phone number when you arrive, or change the itinerary if your schedule changes) so that Harvard can quickly locate and communicate with you in the event of an emergency. There are additional tips for staying safe and healthy while abroad at If you have any questions about the Harvard Travel Registry, please e-mail

  3. Review Harvard’s Travel Assistance Program
    Harvard Travel Assist offers medical information and evacuation, emergency assistance including translation services, legal referrals, and general travel advice and is a supplement to, not a substitute for, health insurance. Harvard travelers who become sick or injured while traveling abroad, should contact the Travel Assistance Program for guidance on the recommended local hospital to visit.
  4. Register your trip with the embassy of your country of citizenship.
    Embassies can provide some assistance to their citizens in an emergency. US citizens can register at
  5. Bring your medications.
    Make sure to bring a complete supply of any prescription medications with you, as well as general health care supplies such as over-the-counter medications for mild illnesses and painkillers. Do you need immunizations? The Center for Disease Control Travelers’ Health site has destination-specific recommendations and general information for international travel.
  6. Pay attention to the world around you.
    Be aware of current events at your destination as well as travel advisories issued from the US State Department. Harvard reserves the right to cancel a study abroad program at any time due to local adverse conditions.

Visa and passport services

Visa requirements differ among countries and depending on your own nationality. Your program director will be able to give you general visa guidance, but you are responsible for learning the requirements of your destination based on your nationality, and for obtaining your own visa should one be required.

Grades and transcripts

Grades for study abroad programs are generally available one week after the program’s official end date. To view your grades, log in to online services. Grades for Harvard College students will roll automatically on to your College transcript.

Non-Harvard students may request a transcript from the Summer School by submitting the transcript request form to Academic Services according to the instructions outlined on Transcripts.

Pass/fail option: Only Harvard College undergraduates may take courses on a pass/fail basis. You may change your status to pass/fail by completing a pass/fail request form and returning it to the Academic Services Office for processing by the deadline for your program. Visit the Harvard College Academic Credit page for more information about this option before submitting your form.