Students with Disabilities

Contact a disability services coordinator before embarking on a study abroad program to discuss your needs and to ensure a valuable and rewarding experience.

Phone: (617) 495-0977; (617) 495-9419 (TTY)

Deadline for request-for-accommodation forms and recent diagnostic documentation is April 15.

Accommodations do not automatically transfer from Harvard College. Harvard College students must register with the Summer School disabilities coordinator.

When applying for admission to Harvard’s study abroad programs, understand that although the University provides reasonable assistance and support to facilitate the participation of qualified students in its programs (including students with disabilities and health impairments), some of our programs are located in parts of the world where accommodations may not be readily available.

Be forthcoming with the disability services coordinator about your specific needs and functional limitations so that the Summer School can collaborate with you in a way that fosters your safe participation and allows you to fully appreciate any barriers you may face, depending on the location and rigors of the particular program.