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Our campus map and directions, contact information, downloadable forms, and privacy policy are in this section. Find us 51 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138-3722 USA See the campus map and directions. Call or e-mail us +1-617-495-4024 su...
In a study abroad program in Kenya, a Harvard College student learned that global health solutions begin at the local level. 
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This course is an introduction to the complex art of film directing from script to screen, one scene at a time. Students watch and analyze films such as Sophie's Choice and Days of Heaven, as well as produce several short film exercises themselves. By the...
This course is for directors interested in theater, TV, and film. The bulk of the work uses live actors working on theater and film scripts. Scenes are rehearsed outside of class and then presented in the classroom. While the majority of scenes are presen...
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This is a painting class that makes flat, shaped, and stand-on-their-own paintings following the theme of desire and the city. It is a painting class with attitude. We start by making traditional work then analyze what makes it alive and strong and use th...
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Find out what your high school student can expect this summer in challenging Harvard college courses on the vibrant and safe Harvard campus.
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Find out more about the Harvard summer high school program through this informative list of FAQs.
Find out more about the Harvard summer high school program through this informative list of FAQs.
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Parking in Cambridge/Boston is extremely limited. You are encouraged to walk, bike, use public transportation, the van service, or taxis instead of bringing vehicles to campus.
The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of nucleic acid structure, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of transcription and protein synthesis. Other topics include ...
The course examines the root causes of the War of 1812, its main events and major personalities, as well as its importance to the United States and to the world, especially North and South America. Emphasis is placed on the political, economic, diplomatic...
This course covers electricity and electric circuits, magnetism, waves, and optics. It fulfills one of two semesters of physics for entrance to medical school. May be taken concurrently with PHYS S-1a Prerequisite: strong knowledge of algebra, geometry, a...
This is a laboratory course where students carry out chemistry research. Projects are drawn directly from Harvard faculty covering a range of methodologies in chemistry. Students discuss their progress and write formal reports. The course is suitable for ...
Corporate governance—the set of policies, processes, and customs by which an institution is directed—is a topic of increasing importance in strategic management. How a company is governed influences rights and relationships among organizationa...
To see how calculus applies in situations described by more than one variable, we study vectors, lines, planes, and parameterization of curves and surfaces; partial derivatives, directional derivatives, and gradients; optimization and critical point analy...
Vectors are introduced, then applied to a variety of problems that cover almost the entire spectrum of high school mathematics: solving systems of linear equations, proving theorems of plane geometry, deriving trigonometric identities, and describing moti...
To succeed in the future, managers must develop the resources and capabilities needed to gain and sustain advantage in competitive markets—traditional and emerging. The way in which organizations attempt to develop such competitive advantage constit...
This course explores the theme of journey and quest in the company of great travelers, among them the ancient Mesopotamian hero, Gilgamesh, the Japanese Haiku poet, Basho, and the nameless man and boy who travel across the landscape of Cormac McCarthy's T...
This course aims to help students become writers. Building on the mastery of fundamental prose skills that they bring to the course, students explore the essay form in all its variety and complexity, striving to discover those approaches that feel most na...
This course helps students develop a dramatic character through comic mask work, improvisation, commedia dell'arte physicality, the techniques of farce, and scene work from plays by Anton Chekhov, Kaufman and Hart, and Tennessee Williams. Students learn t...
Adolescents are the most demanding readers of narrative. To them, story is everything. Understanding what makes adolescent literature successful helps answer the most elemental questions about storytelling. Reading writers like the Grimms, C.S. Lewis, Sal...
The concept of sustainability is presented from the perspective of an organization operating at the community level. Sustainability has three responsibilities: environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic prosperity. This course explores the...