Harvard Summer Program in Shanghai, China

The 2017 summer study abroad programs will be announced in October. 

CANCELation notice: The Shanghai program will not run in 2016.

The Harvard Summer School Program in Shanghai, also known as the Harvard Shanghai Institute (HSI), is an intensive, advanced content-focused Chinese program that enables students with a solid foundation in Chinese to apply and further develop their language ability as a bridge to academic and professional engagement with China.

Comprising two for-credit Harvard half-courses, the HSI curriculum offers you broad exposure to a variety of humanities, social science, and pre-professional fields, and then leads you to examine one specific field in-depth. Incorporating English and Chinese lectures and readings, as well as Chinese seminars and one-on-one tutorials, the curriculum strengthens your skills in all four areas of competence—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—with particular attention to language as a tool for effective communication in academic and career-related contexts.

With its status as China’s premier global metropolis and center of international business, cultural, and academic exchange, and with a compelling, complicated history of development and transformation through the modern era, Shanghai is an exciting and opportunity-rich location in which to hone your Chinese language skills and apply them to academic and professional endeavors.

The program is open to undergraduates and graduate students from all institutions and across all disciplines, as well as working professionals in all fields. Before enrolling in HSI, you must have completed at least four years of college-level Chinese study or be able to demonstrate equivalent proficiency. No specialist knowledge of any particular field is required, and you will find that different parts of the curriculum may dovetail with your own interests, or else challenge yourself to explore areas you may not have previously.