ECON S-1317 The Economics of Emerging Markets: Asia and Eastern Europe

7-week session | CRN 33001

This course covers, with a focus on both theory and empirics, the promises and realities of the emerging economies in Asia and Eastern Europe. Some of the most appealing economic growth stories have occurred in these regions since the end of World War II. The potentials of booming markets, fast developing local consumer markets, abundant low-cost labor, and the rising middle class have been the major characteristics of many emerging markets, which have attracted the attention and capital from the rest of the world. However, upon closer examination, we find the landscape is fraught with an ongoing slowdown across the world's major emerging markets and complex economic and financial systemic risks. Special emphasis is placed on the emerging markets' economics, finance, banking, and their economic relations with the rest of the world, as well as the causal factors and limits of economic policy in China, India, Southeast Asia, Russia, and the entire post-Soviet region. Students independently research, write, and present studies about the nature of the rapid economic transformations these countries are currently undergoing and their most recent economic policy strategies. The course relies heavily on the case method to highlight key issues in emerging countries and encourages class discussions and economic policy simulations.

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On campus
Mondays, Wednesdays, 3:15-6:15 pm
Sever Hall 103

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Monday, June 19


4 credits

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  • Prerequisites

    ECON S-10ab or the equivalent.


    Open to admitted Secondary School Program students by petition. Harvard College students see additional information.




    Bruno S. Sergi, PhD.

    Professor of International Economics, University of Messina and Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University

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