GOVT S-20 Introduction to Comparative Politics

7-week session | CRN 32003

This course provides an introduction to concepts, theories, and evidence in the field of comparative politics. Topics include origins of nation-states, democracy and authoritarianism, social revolutions, politics of economic development, ethnicity and ethnic violence, modernization, political culture, institutions, and civil society. The empirical evidence is drawn from cases in Africa (Nigeria, Rwanda), the Americas (Mexico, the United States), Asia (China, India, South Korea), Europe (Britain, Germany), post-communist areas (Russia, former Yugoslavia), and the Middle East (Iran).

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Class meetings

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 3:15-6:15 pm
Center for Government and International Studies, South Building S020

Required sections to be arranged.

Start date

Tuesday, June 26


4 credits

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  • Not Limited
  • Current enrollment: 20
  • Faculty

    Shinju Fujihira, PhD.

    Executive Director of the Program on US-Japan Relations, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

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