Letter from the Director

Bill Holinger, director of the Secondary School Program

Bill Holinger, director of the Secondary School Program

Dear Students and Families,

It is with feelings of disappointment, combined with excitement and anticipation, that I write to confirm what you have probably read elsewhere by now: for the safety and well-being of students all over the world, Harvard University will not host any residential programs or class meetings on campus during the summer of 2020.

Here is the exciting part: online courses will continue as planned, and indeed, the Summer School list of online college courses will be greatly expanded. Harvard faculty are working with Summer School staff to convert Harvard Summer School courses to online formats. And not only courses, with their professors, teaching assistants, and study groups will be online this summer, so too will academic support such as the Writing Center, the Academic Tutor Program, and the Math Table.

At the Secondary School Program (SSP), we are working to commit all of our resources—residential staff, academic support, co-curricular activities such as talks and study skills workshops—to online formats. Other elements from the residential side of things will operate online, too. For example, SSP assistant deans will be available to offer advice and counsel to students with questions about college choices and applications, as well as other challenges they may be facing as they grow intellectually and emotionally.

We look forward to our accomplished students joining us on this new adventure in education. We’ll use cutting-edge online educational technology. We’ll offer college courses where students will discuss material they care about with others who also care: peers, college students, adult learners, and Harvard instructors and visiting faculty. Students may participate in summer activities they’ll join online, whether live or recorded. And they’ll have opportunities to meet high school students from around the globe who share an interest, a concern, and a passion about the intellectual and academic topics of our time.

For us, it has been and will continue to be rewarding to create outstanding academic opportunities for high school students around the world. We welcome your online participation. So keep an eye on our website and messages, where you’ll find news about new online courses and summer activities.

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Bill Holinger, Director

Harvard Secondary School Program

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