Achieve Your 2017 Goals This Summer

by Grace Martin

Focused on self-improvement for 2017? While summer may feel like a distant concept, now is a great time to start planning for a productive and enriching summer. Our courses offer a great opportunity to learn something new, stretch your academic muscles, and explore new perspectives—shorts and sandals welcome.

If you are a college student or professional, mark your calendars for the start of registration on March 1.

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Goal: Decrease screen time and increase green time.

These courses help students not only appreciate nature, but find out what they can do to preserve it for future generations.

Achieve Your 2017 Goals This Summer

Environmental Management offers a broad overview of environmental issues and challenges, including air pollution, water management, biodiversity, and toxic substance regulation. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the complex scientific and political issues at stake.

Marine Life and Ecosystems of the Sea investigates the biology of the sea, focusing on the transformations and adaptations of marine systems as a result of fishing practices, elevated sea temperatures, and increased tourism.  

Space Exploration and Astrobiology is a comprehensive introduction to how astronomers and planetary scientists study the cosmos and search for life elsewhere. You’ll learn how to analyze data from ongoing robotic missions and how astronomers approach scientific problems.

Goal: Take your career in a new direction.

Afraid to take the big leap? These course will give you a taste of what to expect in a new field of study.

Achieve Your 2017 Goals This Summer

Intensive Introduction to Computer Science using Java will kick start your knowledge of computer science by surveying elements of foundational programming concepts and data structures. You will gain a strong foundation for advanced study in the field.

Branding: A Practical View investigates the principles of brand management, focusing on planning, strategies, and tactics used by marketers. You will gain a strong understanding of successful global brands.  

Becoming a Brain Scientist allows students to work alongside neuroscientists and observe how they gather data and learn about brains, behavior, emotions, and learning. You will study in laboratories that research mindfulness and its effects on health, self-injurious behavior, brain disorders and mental disorders, neuroimaging of brain abnormalities, and animal behavior.

Goal: Expand your worldview.

These courses will help you step out of your bubble, and broaden your perspective on local and global issues.

The Pacific Challenge: Political and Economic Transitions in East Asia offers a broad introduction to the recent political and economic history of North and Southeast Asia, focusing on the effects and challenges of democratization and development.

Introduction to African Languages through Social Engagement explores how Sub-Saharan Africans use language to communicate, with the intention of bridging academic theories with everyday practices. As a social engagement course, you will combine reading and lectures with personal involvement with the Boston-area African community.

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