Computer Accounts and Facilities

Computer and email accounts

Once you've registered for courses and have an active Harvard ID number, you should claim your HarvardKey. Claiming your HarvardKey provides you with a Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) computer account for use at FAS computer labs on campus. Your HarvardKey also provides login access to Google Apps for Harvard and lets you open a Harvard Gmail account for use during your summer session.

How To Open a Harvard Gmail Account

Follow the step-by-step instructions at Getting Started on the Google Apps for Harvard site. Please note, opening a Harvard Gmail account will not automatically change your student email address. You will continue to receive Summer School communications via the email address in your online services account.

Accounts are optional and remain active for the duration of your summer session as long as you remain registered in at least one course. After a short grace period, accounts are closed unless you are registered for a fall course at the Extension School. 

Accounts are not eligible for extension beyond your summer session.

Computer and printing facilities

Science Center B14 and B09

The Science Center has computer labs open 24 hours a day. Apple, PC, and Linux workstations are available for student use. Color and black-and-white printing is available for a small fee.

53 Church Street

The 53 Church Street lab has Apple and PC-compatible computers. Laser printers are also available for use without charge.

Computer Access in On-Campus Housing

Most Harvard residences have on-site computer facilities available for Summer School student use. The computer facilities in Harvard residences are open only to students who live in those particular residences. See Connecting to Printers & Linking Crimson Cash for a list of printer locations and instructions on configuring your personal laptop to printing resources.

Computer help

HUIT Support Center

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is a primary provider of IT services to the Harvard community.

For computer support via phone or email, please contact HUIT at (617) 495-7777 or email

For in-person assistance or one-to-one personal computer support, please visit the HUIT Walk-In Support Center in the basement of the Science Center or book an appointment.

See the HUIT Support Center hours.

Summer School Online Support Help Desk

Contact us for help with online classes, including streaming video, web conference, and Canvas course websites. For assistance with online classes please call (617) 998-8571 or email

53 Church Street Help Desk

Staff at the 53 Church Street computer lab are also available to assist you. See the lab schedule for detailed facility hours or call (617) 495-5485.

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