Harvard Summer Program in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Additional information on the 2020 program will be posted in the fall

  • Study Abroad in Tanzania
  • Dar Es Salaam - people and buses
  • Ngorongoro Safari
  • Zanzibar
  • Dar Es Salaam - streetscene

A dynamic space of encounter for over two millennia, the Indian Ocean world far preceded the majority of the globe into what are often described as relatively recent phenomena: “transnationalism,” “religious pluralism,” “transcontinental trade,” and “globalization.” Delivering a diverse array of seafaring Indians, Arabs, Persians, and Europeans to the East African coast, the winds and waves of the Indian Ocean have enables a complex exchange of peoples and knowledges, languages and cultures, beliefs and stories, commodities and curiosities, philosophies and technologies, weapons and gifts, vices and violence, dreams and desires.

This eight-week program based in Dar es Salaam at the heart of the “Swahili coast” explores the lasting legacies of these long transoceanic conversations, in multiple languages, from varying points of view, and through varied expressive practices as they reverberate in the lives, languages, and cultures of Tanzanians today. The program aims to equip students with the intellectual, cultural, linguistic, and ethical tools necessary to skillfully and responsibly navigate their own encounters with the Indian Ocean world.


Program Director

John Mugane, Professor of the Practice of African Languages and Cultures and Director of the African Language Program

Email: mugane@fas.harvard.edu