Harvard Summer Program in Paris, France

The Paris (cultural studies) program will be offered again in 2021

What I loved about this course was that I was able to learn a great deal about French literature, history, and culture while discovering Paris. I genuinely felt that, by the end of the course, I knew Paris very well and substantially improved my French. Professors Jardine and Wolfe were fantastic teachers that made you think critically about both the content of the class and your surroundings in Paris.

Explore the City of Light and the revolutions that have shaped it. 

The Harvard Summer Program in Paris, France, features an integrated third-year-level interdisciplinary course that explores the city through the theme of revolution. You will hone your language skills by participating in classroom sessions conducted exclusively in French, and your cultural and historical understanding will be enriched through daily explorations of Parisian neighborhoods, film, and theater outings, as well as weekend excursions. The program culminates in an individual project that you design and execute, tying your personal experience to the city’s dynamic literature, history, and culture, past and present.


Program Director

Alice Jardine, Professor of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures

Email: jardine@fas.harvard.edu