Harvard Summer Program in San Jose de Moro, Peru

the san jose de moro, peru program will not run in 2020


An archaeological exploration of Andean prehistory.
The San José de Moro Archaeological Project (SJMAP) distinguishes itself as one of the most important international archaeological projects currently under way in Peru.

At SJMAP field school, you learn the fundamentals of the practice of archaeology, including excavation, documentation, and analysis. One of the primary objectives is to understand the development and collapse of the complex coastal societies through the study of funerary and ceremonial practices in the San José cemetery. 

The SJMAP field school also offers the Physical Anthropology Program. If you choose this option, you have the opportunity to analyze human remains excavated at the site.

Under the direction of professional osteologists, you receive training in the identification and characterization of pathologies and demographic indicators both in the field and within the laboratory.

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Program Director

Gary Urton, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Pre-Columbian Studies, Harvard University

Email: gurton@fas.harvard.edu