Harvard Summer Program in Scandinavia

The Scandinavia program will be offered again in 2020

Investigate the Viking Age—its legacy, history, and archaeology—throughout Scandinavia. 

“The Vikings conquer all in their path and nothing resists them.” So wrote a Frankish chronicler about the northern pirates whose collective name has come to represent the European ninth, tenth, and eleventh centuries. This Viking studies program in Scandinavia offers the opportunity for you to explore the rich archaeological, cultural, and literary heritage of northern Europe in the early Middle Ages. During the program, you examine the sagas and eddas, visit numerous archaeological sites, and participate in a three-week archaeological field school on the island of Samsø. Specialists in many different aspects of Viking culture lecture and guide classes.

The Viking studies program is ideal if you:

  • Are interested in heroic literature, Norse mythology, medieval history, and archaeology.
  • Are eager to explore the relationship between history and national myths.
  • Want to engage in archaeological field work.
  • Want to experience cultural life in Northern Europe.

To learn more, watch a video about the fieldwork conducted in Scandinavia, read a Harvard Gazette article, and visit the Scandinavia program's website.


Program Director

Stephen A. Mitchell, PhD, Professor of Scandinavian and Folklore, Harvard University

Email: samitch@fas.harvard.edu